Saturday, November 14, 2020

Triada Samaras: Shifting as an Artist and Human Being (1)

Hello everyone

I have been shifting enormously as an artist and as a human being since the COVID 19 pandemic began in March 2020. The planets and galaxies have told us to turn inward this year (more on this in another post) and I have listened.  

Image taken from the Stellarium today

I have been fully aware of all the daily political news and world events too.  I have not become an emotional hermit by any means.  However, with the quarantine and isolation,  I have had the opportunity to do BOTH/AND:  Pay attention to outer worldy events AND develop a whole new and intense focus on my inner worldly events.  Thus I have experienced a fundametal alteration of myself. This is becoming obvious to me in the way I operate as an artist as a human being in my world. BOTH/AND. I thank Sylvia High for introducing me to this idea some years back in NYC.

Here is an image (the top GIF) I embrace that deeply relates to my process: 

But it does not "say" everything. 

In addition, there are many synonyms for the word "shift" of course:

I like some of these better than others.  

Finally here is a lovely text about shifting:

I found this text here.

Again it speaks to me but does not tell the whole story. I will ponder this word and its meaning to me again and again here in future posts.  

But back to my new goal and primary purpose for this blog now:

I begin from this day forward to shift the content of this blog. Now I will focus on my dynamic shifting inner process as an artist and human being even as I also feature outer art world items of significance and meaning to me. 

What is the reason for my decision you may ask?  Stay tuned....BOTH/AND. Thanks Sylvia. A EUREKA! moment for sure. LINK

To all of you reading here:  Thank you. Namaste. Stay Strong and Well in these challenging times.

warmly, Triada