Saturday, April 21, 2018

The passing of my great aunt Sofia Zaglaris in Athens, Greece today

Calndulas Oil on Canvas 3' x 4'. Sophia Zaglaris at the Kazantakis Museum Crete, Greece

I am deeply saddened by the passing of my great aunt Sofia Zaglaris this morning in Athens, my grandmother's sister. She was a tour de force in life and I will remember the many lessons I learned from her over the years. Lucky for her (and for me) she lived to a ripe old age indeed. From her humble beginnings in Elassona/Levathi she became a multi-lingual couturier who traveled throughout Europe getting inspirations for her clothing designs. Later in life she began oil painting and was the recipient of the Franco-Elliniko First Prize for 2000-2010 for an oil painting entitled "Calendulas" (see above) she had since donated to the Kazantakis Museum. Last fall I was fortunate enough to travel to Greece for a three-generation arts exhibition with her at AthensArt International. 
In life I believe we have few true witnesses in life and she was truly one of mine. I will miss her dearly.