Thursday, April 30, 2015

Art and Innovation in Public High School in Paterson New Jersey (Geraldine Dodge STEAM Grant)

Pen and Ink Drawing by Pen and Ink Drawing by Jacqueline Romero Grade 12  18x20"

With so much bad news coming out of Paterson, NJ, lately, where I work as an Art Professor in Residence at East Side High School, I thought I would show off some of the innovative and positive things being created in Paterson as a result of the ongoing collaborations between myself, the 3 art teachers and other content area teachers, in this case, the science teacher. (And, naturally, the students!) We have a "STEAM" (STEAM=Science + Technology, + Engineering + Art, + Math) grant funded by the Geraldine Dodge Foundation. 

I co-author the STEAM blog with Math and Science Professor in Residence, Dina Scacchetti, who is also the Dodge Grant Manager.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A new and democratic digital currency?

Is there a creative new way around the ONE way relationship to money we normally have with our banks and creditors?

This story/video is fascinating and well worth its 13 minutes!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Greek News featuring my "The State of Greece: Enoikiazetai/Poleita-For Rent/For Sale" Project today

Above: Triada Samaras

Greek News is featuring my "The State of Greece: Enoikiazetai/Poleita-For Rent/For Sale" Project today. 

Here is the link at Greek News:

I am currently developing fundraising projects for this exhibition that I will announce soon.

Greek News is an Independent Greek-American Weekly Newspaper in Greek/English edited by Apostolos E. Zoupaniotis covering news in Greece, Cyprus and the USA.

Above: The State Of Greece:  Enoikiazetai/Poleitai-For Rent/For Sale
Digital Photograph Variable Dimensions
Triada Samaras 2015