Saturday, November 21, 2020

Triada Samaras: Shifting as an Artist and Human Being (2)

Hello everyone,

What does it mean to go on a journey? And what is that?
A Quest?  An Expedition?  A Safari? A consious decision? A dream one has in the middle of the night? A longing? An unconscious decision? I have been on a very long journey my entire lifetime.

Above: A Selfie with my cellphone recently in Maine
(i-phone 6)
Yes on the 'outside', in the external world, I am surely an artist through and through: and artist, a painter, a poet, a photographer, and an art-activist, an art-educator,  an art writer, art mentor/supervisor, an art blogger, yes.  My external titles are many and and I have worked with literally thousands of students over my years. They and the external world know me as my various desciptors above.
But there is always more for me to explore, to find, to clarify for myself within myself. I am a 'wanderer' and a 'wonderer' for life, I have found and more recently accepted, and I will never find a single artwork or answer or location in time or space because that is not the point alas.

Above: Another 'Selfie' with my cellphone recently in Maine only aiming the lens 'outwards' this time
(i-phone 6)

This year, 2020, was a personal, Golden Opportunity for many reasons I will mention in future posts.  The events in the external world became so obviously chaotic and excrutiating to me that I also turned my gaze upwards to the sky and my life- long love of astrology/astronomy. 

I found Demetra George and Carol Ferris.(More in a future post). I found Mindfulness Meditation via a gift given to me from my eldest son, Liam Veuve, on my birthday during the lunar eclipse. The wass highly significant looking back.  But I was also paying attention this time.
I am finding my way back to now and the way to 'Triada Samaras' whoever she might be/becoming.

The events of 2020 and my paying close attention to them and to a few select and gifted people have altered my life immeasurably. Nature (galaxies) have filled in some much-needed information I was previously ignoring due to my predictable human nature. 

And now I am forever altered. I have shifted

And that is a good thing as far as I am concerned. EUREKA!

(And, you, too can do this but more on how in future posts).

warmly, Triada