Saturday, August 14, 2021

Sacred Tree

Dear Reader/Viewer,

You are not alone in your sense of global climate helplessness. 

I keep getting the sense that it is getting "too late" to prevent climate catastrophe...too late
too mind goes on restlessly repeating...But the future in unknown. I have been using

my art practice ln a new way lately.  I hope this image might bring you some comfort.  This photo

was taken in Maine while convalescing from COVID. 

Do you see what I see? 

Triada Samaras

I am coming into the awareness that one aspect of my art work is about the revelation to me 

of the Divine Feminine.  I did not even know that She was what I was looking for.  Now I 

think I do.  She has been suppressed for centuries.  Now I see Her everywhere, in fact.  

I think maybe I have been looking for her all my life.

Do you see what I see? She is reaching her arm up to heaven.

Triada Samaras