Monday, September 6, 2021

Triada Samaras: Speckles on Labor Day 2021

Labor Day 2021. Triada Samaras. Digital Photograph. Variable Dimensions. c. 2021

Speckles on Labor Day. She is contemplating the school year and all the pressures involved. Happy Labor Day everyone. One of my least favorite holidays : the name makes me shudder. Alas time waits for no man woman person turtle and summer is closing slowly with or without my/our permission.

Triada Samaras: A Digital Photograph

I was playing around on my computer last night. 

Digital art making offers us so many new possibilities as artists. I used my monitor to re-envision 

the "Divine Goddess" in the trees photo I took in Maine and posted last time..

Here She is with a painting of mine with many blues to give Her a context. 

I like this do you?

I am even thinking of re-painting the whole thing when I feel better. 

Lingering Covid is a physical limitation for me at the moment 

but I do not feel confined emotionally, creatively, or spiritually if 

that makes sense. In fact perhaps I feel more alive than ever. Or maybe I am just dreaming 


Triada Samaras