Monday, December 10, 2018

My Latest Painting

I have finally completed my latest large scale painting.
This makes me very happy.
It slowly percolated for over a year.
Now I must find it a name.
Below are cell phone images.
I will make some better photographs of it soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

My Great Greek Aunt in Athens lives on.....

Recently I was selected for an art project that will include this photograph I took a few years ago of my Beloved Great Aunt Sofia Zaglaris with her son, Ioannis Zaglaris in their home in Athens.  

Above:  Triada Samaras Digital Photo- Greece 2012- Enoikiazetai  Poleitai For Rent For Sale

This photograph will be included in the winter art publication and online exhibition, GENESIS. The online exhibit will take place between JAN 1 – MAR, 2019 and can be viewed at and

I am so happy to say that while she is not longer with us on the planet, Madame Sofia Zaglaris does live on!

A Collaboration to Re-Imagine an Infamous Book of 'Art History'

The above two pages will be included in a collaborative book project by Sue J. Norton Poplin.  Her call for art to 'women only' included this intriguing description:  "I will be 
altering an H.W. Janson's History of Art Book by covering as many pages possible of the book with original art made by women." (SJNP)

Of course I could not resist.  The Janson's History of Art Book that I studied repeatedly while an undergraduate at Smith College was practically devoid of women's art.  Sigh.
But now that can change!  Stay tuned for more on this project....