Thursday, December 31, 2015

Recovering as a painter and self

Uncover: I just realized that when I began my large painting (below) I was in a very different emotional state.  This painting began as an acrylic painting using a short poem I wrote.  The early image reminded me of a figure with wings and I was not happy with that direction, especially the symmetry of the top section.

below:  Untitled Acrylic on Canvas  4' x 6' Triada Samaras 2015
A figure with wings?

Next it became an exploding  figure mirroring my emotional self at that time.  Recently I could not finish what I had started because I am much calmer now and more integrated.  I loved the old image and might try to re-do it, but it was a disturbing to engage with. It felt impossible to live with it any longer as I am out of the place right now.  

above:  Untitled Acrylic on Canvas  4' x 6' Triada Samaras 2015
Exploding figure phase.

above: Untitled Acrylic on Canvas  4' x 6' Triada Samaras 2015
The right arm disappears.

above right:  Untitled Oil on Canvas  4' x 6' Triada Samaras 2015
An oval emerges. The figure disappears.

Then I switched to oil paint, frustrated with the feeling of the acrylics.  And the smell.  Recently the painting changed direction completely   It has become self-contained: an oval shape, holding all the chaos that was formerly coming out of the human form (myself).  I can see the direct effects of my recovery on my art and part of the process is letting new things happen that replace the old ones.  But I question whether I should have let the old image go in purely visual terms. The oval does not convey the same excitement.  At least not yet that is. I need to get the figure back.  

above:  detail Untitled Oil on Canvas  4' x 6' Triada Samaras 2015
A detail.

right:  Untitled Oil on Canvas  4' x 6' Triada Samaras 2016

The figure begins to re-appear.

Each successive change in my canvas marks a shift in consciousness.  Unlike acrylic paint, oil paint has a mind of its own.  I like that aspect: the fact that the paint can decide on its own even if I can not.  It is like the undertones and overtones of a beautiful piece of piano music. Schumann and Chopin come to mind.  All the things the composer perhaps never anticipated, the breathing sounds of the players, the creaks and shifts in the instruments.  These things take on a life of their own.  And with oil paint the same thing happens. The brush strokes' direction, the tiny shifts in color, all take on a life of their own.  

                                            above:  Untitled Oil on Canvas  4' x 6' Triada Samaras 2016
                                                                         The hand re-appears.

The most recent version is above, although the image is cropped.  This painting is extremely hard to photograph as each separate light source changes the image immensely.  I think that is part of its beauty however.  In this digital age when a beautiful and seemingly perfect  image is available at the tip of any person's single fingertip, the oil on canvas art object gains status in its camera shyness.  It calls the viewer, perhaps, to want to view the image in a real and tangible world of body and object, breath and light.

At this moment the hand on the top right is still bothering me and I can not decide if it will remain there or not.  It was certainly a part of the original image.  But as I have already said so much has changed..........  T.S.

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!
Brightest Blessings and Light for the New Year!
warmest, triada

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When and if will this painting ever end?

Did you ever look at a painting after working on it for many many weeks, sometimes in complete frustration, and say to yourself, "I think the problem is: It needs more paint!" Well thats the kind of day I had today. (Small detail attached) When will this painting ever end?

Still Untitled Detail from a 4x 6 feet Oil Painting
c. Triada Samaras

This painting has had so many reincarnations over the months that I have completely forgotten where it all started.  And yet what I put down on the the first day still remains!  Don't you just love that about painting?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


As creatives our minds are powerful tools for both hope and despair. Where do you place your mind on your worst days? I like to place my in a giant wave on a surfboard. Though I have never been surfing the sport calls out to me and I feel such great hope and peace with the sensations caused by my mental thoughts even though I am sitting at my desk. I use my artistic gifts often in this way especially when I am stressed or upset or sad.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Evelyn Ramos' Greater Joy Fund

Please Help to Bring Some Holiday Joy to Our Beloved Evelyn Ramos!
Here are a few of Evelyn Ramos' own words about her teaching: "my daily pursuit is a commitment of helping others in any arena... I freely share information, art making, art history, etc. How someone is doing all over is crucial in guiding them to their best intentions. ... caring for others is crucial and vital. Love is an” act of will.” One is given a gift when one helps others and contentment is the individual’s by-product."

Our friend and colleague feels that she is in a time of difficulty. Her partner is very ill. 

Evelyn has very limited resources right now. We all know what it's like - sometimes we just don't feel resilient anymore - and that's a tough moment. Let us imagine how helpful it might be to give Evelyn some support - a little testament of love from her community right now. Please contribute some cash to this fund, and help our friend to find the strength to restore her sense of community and personal value. 

We love you Evelyn!
"Goddard College - at the Heart of your Mind"

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Eminent Domain is Unnecessary, UNFAIR, and Fiscally Irresponsible in Gowanus! (Part Two)

                                                                                        Above image from

We at CG CORD have said it before:

We at CORD believe the cost of seizing private property in Gowanus for the siting of the retention tanks for the Gowanus Canal clean-up is OUTRAGEOUS when a better solution is obviously available.  LINK
And yet at the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group/CAG meeting last night we learned New York City (NYC Department of Parks and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection) still think it s good idea!

And the money used for this seizure will be our TAXPAYER dollars which could so be much better spent on infrastructure, current public housing, schools, hospitals, libraries, and so much more.  

"The sentiment against the City was best expressed by a Gowanus NYCHA resident, who said: "Right now, the City does not have the money to support public housing.  These people [meaning Alloy] are coming in to give you land versus going to court to do eminent domain. I don't understand going to court because it is going to take money and time to do this." She felt that the money could be better spent on public housing."  

We at CORD find it totally confusing and discouraging that now, after so much hard work, dedication and planning, the City of New York (see links above) is indeed still serious about making major changes to the Gowanus Canal clean-up timeline.  And that NYC is still willing to toy with the legal decision that is the Gowanus Canal Record of Decision (ROD), made by the Federal Government/EPA.  LINK 

We feel strongly the EPA or the Federal government  and NOT the City of New York, has been our SOLE friend and sole true ally in this Gowanus Canal clean-up process.

Why is our very own city so tone deaf to our needs?
Why does NYC wish to seize private property so eagerly using our own tax dollars?
Why does NYC deny the lengthy and costly process of seizing private property and deny the years litigation will surely add to the Gowanus CAnal clean-up?

And who amongst our POLITICIANS will dare to stand up and LISTEN to us?
Who will dare to represent and protect the actual interests of the PEOPLE in our community?

Triada Samaras, CORD Co-Founder