Friday, November 11, 2016

Yanis Varoufakis on "Trump, Our Post-Modern 1930's and Diem25's Movement"

"If you want to change the world, change yourself"
Photo by Triada Samaras Athens, Greece 2011

Yanis Varoufakis on "Trump, Our Post-Modern 1930's and Diem25's Movement"
goes a long way to explain the US election. Please Read!

Below is my comment left after the post:

"Thank you Yanis.  It is very helpful to understand how the recent US election that seems to have brought America to a new unforseen level of hate rhetoric, disregard for serious thinking, and wildest of proposals is merely a 30's playback: "It is, indeed, a post-modern variant of the 1930s, complete with deflation, xenophobia, and divide-and-rule politics."  And is part of a planet-wide reaction to global capitalism.  Many naive Americans, especially those in the middle of the county, are now convinced a so-called "billionaire" with zero government experience, and highly questionable business practices is somehow magically qualified to solve all of their pressing economic problems. Equally alarming is the fact they did not recoil from his hate rhetoric whatsoever. Instead many seek to emulate Trump." 

That people in the middle of America are hurting economically is without question.  But their blind support for Trump very often without reliable fact checking (most of their presidential election info comes from Facebook, Twitter, etc. as opposed to what they call the "corrupt" mainstream media) and their easily inflamed emotions reveal them as easy targets for carefully/expertly crafted right-wing propaganda. And this makes it that much harder for the rest of America to find common ground with them, or problem solve with them. The country is now quite polarized as a result. This is a really tragic turn of events in America, something I did not ever think I would see again in my lifetime.  

The real question is of course: How to solve the real economic issues?  
And who can solve them?  And how? 
Would Trump's following plan, if he were able to implement 100 per cent of it, really work?
Or would these measures just deepen the economic misery? Make it irreparably worse?

Clearly America is in crisis. (Triada Samaras)

By the way I just saw this:
"Which is why I’ve been thinking we need a third party that is social/open. This compassionate globalist party would support the free trade and skilled immigration that fuel growth. But it would also flood the zone for those challenged in the high-skill global economy — offering programs to rebuild community, foster economic security and boost mobility. It would integrate the white working class and minority groups by emphasizing that we are all part of a single American idea."  
This sounds very familiar does it not?

(David Brooks opining for the NY times today)