Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Afternoon Light in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Ate lunch on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens today. What do you think of this afternoon light?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Live fish truck on the Goethals Bridge yesterday. This photo is for my sister Valessia Samaras who loves fish. :)

Above:  Goethals Bridge September 2016 c. Triada Samaras 


Above:  Looking at the Flowers at Kean University,
c. Triada Samaras 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Two Leo Photographs by Triada Samaras and....

Two photographs I took of Leo. One is at the Bay Parkway Mall in Brooklyn, NY.  The other is near there, looking out on the water and the Verrazano Bridge.

Leo at the Brooklyn Mall c. Triada Samaras 2016

Leo Looking Out at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge 
c. Triada Samaras 2016

Art Building Steps, Kean University c. Triada Samaras 2016

Driving Photograph by Triada Samaras

Driving Along Route 1/9  South in NJ near Holland Tunnel.  c. Triada Samaras 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Artists' Organization Speaks Out: More Reaction to Brad Lander and His Inaction

More Reaction to Brad Lander and His Inaction

Another community member is not fooled by Brad Lander's  BG (Bridging Gowanus) sleight of hand:  our CORD post: Brad Lander's Magic Show, Brilliant Sleight of Hand--- And Slight to the Community....has inspired our readers to share some of their thoughts and experiences.  Please read on and see what Jenny Dubnau has to say:

I work with the Artist Studio Affordability Project (ASAP):  
http://www.artiststudioaffordabilityproject.org/. We work against over-development citywide, particularly trying to save what remains of our manufacturing zones, where many working artists have their studio spaces. As many of you know, the influx of hotels, self-storage units, and restaurants (not to mention the occasional rezoning to include residential development) into manufacturing zones has caused rents to skyrocket, and threatens the very existence of jobs-producing manufacturers and artists, all of whom depend upon affordable rents. 

ASAP is fighting to preserve and indeed tighten the manufacturing zoning restrictions to keep those areas viable for industry and working artists, and in addition we are fighting hard for the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA), a bill in the City Council that would offer lease protections to ALL commercial renters. This bill would protect mom & pop stores in all of our neighborhoods, as well as artists and makers in industrial zones. The bill is not commercial rent control, but would guarantee the basic right to renew, and would mandate mediation and then binding arbitration if the rent increase was felt to be too high. 

This is in fact a very mild bill, and is a common-sense first step to easing the commercial rent crisis in our city. In 2009, Council member Lander supported this bill. But now he opposes it, saying that it is "unconstitutional." How on earth is it "unconstitutional" to simply offer lease protections to struggling small businesses and artists in our city? And why the sudden turnaround on Landers part? The bill is essentially unchanged from 2009, when he, along with Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Mayor Bill deBlasio (who have also made a cowardly about-face), supported it. Naturally, NYC real estate lobbyists loathe this bill: they are making a killing from soaring commercial rents. 

Many of you know about the recent mass eviction of artists and small manufacturers from the building on 9th Street, near the Smith/9th St subway station. If the SBJSA were in place, the landlord would not have been allowed to simply refuse to renew the leases of dozens and dozens of commercial tenants in good standing. The building is being emptied, to make way, most probably, for a gut renovation and a lease to a high-end retailer or higher-rent-paying "creative/tech" firms. 

This is a concrete example of how our manufacturing zones are being gentrified. Though Council member Lander came to our rally and press conference against the mass eviction of the artist building on 9th street last fall, he has disappointed us by refusing to support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA). He promised to meet with us to discuss this further, but after much pressure, he wouldn't meet with us in person, and we spoke to two of his aides instead. 

Very, very disappointing. We will not stop pushing for this bill. 
If anyone wants to work with us on this locally, please email us at artiststudioap@gmail.com.

Jenny Dubnau, ASAP

Thank you, Jenny Dubnau!
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