Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Burning House 1/

Excerpts of text created for Burning House video, 2009

In the Studio

In the studio, for me,
everything summons up
visualizing with my fingers.

There, recently
I was looking to the middle
of the table and there
lay tiny white paper
my favorite paper
innocent and pure
waiting for my fingers
to just touch it.

I love to let my fingers
go over the paper slowly
bend it in my hands
find words and poetry
with fingers, all their own,
which only I can hear.

I am alone with my paper
listening to the stories
deep within the pages
in my hands.

Feeling the sadness of the paper
the joy of the paper
the house that forms itself
out of the paper.

The heat of the paper
The flame of the paper
The death of the paper
and then, the birth of the ashes
all there, right in front me,
In the studio.

c. Triada Samaras 2010