Sunday, December 6, 2015

Evelyn Ramos' Greater Joy Fund

Please Help to Bring Some Holiday Joy to Our Beloved Evelyn Ramos!
Here are a few of Evelyn Ramos' own words about her teaching: "my daily pursuit is a commitment of helping others in any arena... I freely share information, art making, art history, etc. How someone is doing all over is crucial in guiding them to their best intentions. ... caring for others is crucial and vital. Love is an” act of will.” One is given a gift when one helps others and contentment is the individual’s by-product."

Our friend and colleague feels that she is in a time of difficulty. Her partner is very ill. 

Evelyn has very limited resources right now. We all know what it's like - sometimes we just don't feel resilient anymore - and that's a tough moment. Let us imagine how helpful it might be to give Evelyn some support - a little testament of love from her community right now. Please contribute some cash to this fund, and help our friend to find the strength to restore her sense of community and personal value. 

We love you Evelyn!
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