Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Eminent Domain is Unnecessary, UNFAIR, and Fiscally Irresponsible in Gowanus! (Part Two)

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We at CG CORD have said it before:

We at CORD believe the cost of seizing private property in Gowanus for the siting of the retention tanks for the Gowanus Canal clean-up is OUTRAGEOUS when a better solution is obviously available.  LINK
And yet at the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group/CAG meeting last night we learned New York City (NYC Department of Parks and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection) still think it s good idea!

And the money used for this seizure will be our TAXPAYER dollars which could so be much better spent on infrastructure, current public housing, schools, hospitals, libraries, and so much more.  

"The sentiment against the City was best expressed by a Gowanus NYCHA resident, who said: "Right now, the City does not have the money to support public housing.  These people [meaning Alloy] are coming in to give you land versus going to court to do eminent domain. I don't understand going to court because it is going to take money and time to do this." She felt that the money could be better spent on public housing."  

We at CORD find it totally confusing and discouraging that now, after so much hard work, dedication and planning, the City of New York (see links above) is indeed still serious about making major changes to the Gowanus Canal clean-up timeline.  And that NYC is still willing to toy with the legal decision that is the Gowanus Canal Record of Decision (ROD), made by the Federal Government/EPA.  LINK 

We feel strongly the EPA or the Federal government  and NOT the City of New York, has been our SOLE friend and sole true ally in this Gowanus Canal clean-up process.

Why is our very own city so tone deaf to our needs?
Why does NYC wish to seize private property so eagerly using our own tax dollars?
Why does NYC deny the lengthy and costly process of seizing private property and deny the years litigation will surely add to the Gowanus CAnal clean-up?

And who amongst our POLITICIANS will dare to stand up and LISTEN to us?
Who will dare to represent and protect the actual interests of the PEOPLE in our community?

Triada Samaras, CORD Co-Founder