Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Archival Giclee Prints of a Maine Plein Air Painting: "Pine Point." Artist: Triada Samaras. 2022

 Pine Point, 2022

Acrylic on Panel

16 x 20 inches

(more about this painting)

Archival Giclee Fine Art Prints of Pine Point Painting 

Signed, Limited Edition with Certificates of Authenticity

Fine Art Hahnemühle Paper and Archival Ink

24 x 30 inches, edition of 10, $750. (unframed)

16 x 20 inches, edition of 15, $450. (unframed)

12 x 15 inches, edition of 15, $250. (unframed)

8 x 10 inches, edition of 20, $120. (unframed) 

Shipping and handling to be calculated

Additional sizes available upon request

Framing available upon request

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Q&A About the Fine Art Printing Process

What is a Fine Art Print?

A fine art print is a reproduction or a copy of an artist’s original painting using a digital printing process with archival inks on fine art paper. Fine art printing is the term often used to refer to professional photographs being printed on very high quality paper. This designation, which is by no means a label, meets certain quality criteria, with regard to the paper and inks, which are sought after by many photographers and printers. 

What is a Limited Edition?

Limited edition prints have been specifically created by the artist, and there are only a certain number available. The print often comes with a certificate, a number designating which exact pint it is within the total number of reproductions, and the artist's signature to show their authenticity. Read more about this

What is the difference between fine art paper and photo paper?

The difference between fine art paper and commercial photo paper lies in the composition of the paper itself. Natural fibers (usually cotton or alpha cellulose) must be included within the composition of fine art paper. The paper is not artificially bleached with chlorine or other chemicals that would break down the paper and the inks over time. Commercial photo paper is better for photos viewed on an occasional basis, whereas fine art paper will ensure that images are shown off in their best light and provides good performance in exhibitions. Because fine art paper is intended for the printing of high quality photographs, its quality must be ideally suited to receiving inks and pigments. The composition of the surface layer must allow the ink to adhere well over time, while offering a neutral pH to ensure that the paper also stands the test of time. Fine art paper will also allow you to emphasize the composition of the image by providing the ideal support for intense colours and marked contrasts, while also enabling a wide range of grey tones.  Read more about this

What is archival ink?

Archival ink is specifically designed to be resistant to weathering and fading so that it will last for a long time. It is often used for scrap-booking and other activities where the written or drawn images need to be preserved indefinitely. To make the most of archival ink, it is best to use it in conjunction with archival paper, which is also made to resist weathering and fading. Read more about this

What is Hahnemühle Paper?

Hahnemühle paper is a fine art quality paper manufactured by Hahnemühle FineArt, Inc., a paper manufacturing company in the Relliehausen district of Dassel, Germany. Founded in 1584 it is a significant producer of coated paper for inkjet printing, artist's paper for traditional painting and printing techniques, and filter paper for industry and research. It is a highly regarded fine art paper used by many professional artists for its quality. Read more about this

What if I am unhappy with my print?

If for any reason you are not happy with the print, you can ship it back to me and I will refund your payment minus shipping charges.