Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Triada Samaras Talks about Artmaking during the COVID 19 Crisis

Hello everyone!

I hope you are staying well and safe!
Many people have asked me about making artwork during the COVID 19 crisis.  I prepared this statement for an artist friend of mine at ProArts NJ and I am including it here:

As my artwork usually deals with my inner psyche/world in combination with how I experience the outer landscape, it is a challenging time for me create my art without increasing my anxiety and sadness.  

I have dealt with this by first taking a break from such artwork to create a new art project for the students, families and teachers I normally work with in Paterson New Jersey.  Doing so helps me to use my artistry and creativity in an emotionally "lighter" venue and gives me a sense of pride and other positive feelings that sustaain me when I am back in my studio. 

Now the new blog I created for them is launched, and running smoothly, and I have returned to my studio work in which I do find, unsurprisingly, that the image of the COVID 19 virus is turning up in my drawings.  Because I know this subject matter is emotionally loaded for me, I do meditation work before creating and I take breaks when needed.  When all else fails and my emotionas start to overwhelm me,  I simply stop working and take a longer break in my backyard in Brooklyn.  

This always cheers me up and I feel very fortunate to have such an outdoor place. When the weather gets warmer I plan to create my art out there while I can also hear the birds and smell the flowers even as I engage with COVID 19 as a subject.

Triada Samaras 3-31-2020

Above:  Work in Progress Ink on Paper 11 x 14"