Sunday, June 23, 2019

New Dates for my "Unbound" Exhibition at the Paterson Museum!

My art exhibition: Unbound has New Dates at the Paterson Museum!  See below:

Far above:
Triada Samaras
Unbound, 2018
Oil and Oilstick on Canvas
39 x 48 inches

Triada Samaras
Brain on Fire 2, 2017
Pen on Paper
11 x 14 inches


Bruce Balistrieri, Curator
The Paterson Museum
2 Market Street
Paterson, New Jersey  07501
Phone: 973.321.1260
Fax: 973.881.3435

Art Work by Triada Samaras

Paterson, NJ, June 7, 2019The Paterson Museum is proud to present an exhibition titled, Unbound: Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures by Triada Samaras.  The exhibition will be on display from Sunday, June 23, through Sunday, August 11.  There will be an artist reception held on Sunday, June 30, from 1-4pm.  On Sunday, August 11 there will be a closing reception from 1-4 PM and a poetry reading at 2 PM.

The exhibition “Unbound”features recent works by Triada Samaras who is a Paterson Public Schools Art Professor in Residence for William Paterson University/WP.  Ms. Samaras is also Adjunct Professor of Art Education at WP and Adjunct Professor of Art at Kean University.

Triada Samaras is an interdisciplinary artist whose work has been featured in numerous national and international exhibitions and venues. Samaras is a New England born, Greek-American who has family members living on both sides of the Atlantic.  She has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York for many years.  For over 15 years, Samaras has been exploring the themes of identity, body, house/home, voice, and geography in her work, often in art activist contexts.  The exhibition “Unbound”features similar themes as well.  However, in this body of art work,  Samaras creates from a far more personal vantage point, finding additional inspiration in her poetry.

Ms. Samaras stated in a recent interview “My artwork is often autobiographical.  Through familiar representations such as house, home, and the body I explore my human feelings, thoughts, memories, perceptions, and experiences.  I also utilize words to infuse these icons with added meaning. But the icons and the words are almost always metaphors.  “Unbound” refers to the liberation I experience in the creative process, as well as to the names of specific artworks in this show. To me the word, “Unbound” conjures up powerful images including: Abolition, deliverance, democracy, emancipation, salvation, freeing, liberty, release, setting free, unchaining and unshackling. I have learned over time to release these emotional forces as an artist to a greater realm, one that is imaginary and mysterious and even more powerful.  Using artmaking I enjoy being catapulted beyond what I know and transformed.  Art can set me free.”

The Paterson Museum is located on the corners of Market and Spruce Streets in the heart of the Great Falls/S.U.M Historic District.  Visiting hours are Monday-Friday 10:00 to 4:00 and Saturday and Sunday 12:30 to 4:30. A two-dollar donation for adults is appreciated.  For information and directions call the Museum at 973-321-1260.