Friday, March 31, 2017

"A Rezoning Poem" from City Limits

I found this powerful poem just now.  I thought I would post a bit of it here.  I can certainly relate to this writer. And a POEM is surely good one way to express one's profound dismay.  I believe I know someone else who has worked in this genre...
...."Positive results are made in numbers. We must demand those who are oppose; to assist in…
Preventing the throes of oppression…the people want to abolish pandemic depression.
It is a responsibility to look towards the betterment of all, living in the neighborhood, that we may live peaceably and fairly as we should…and it is only fair for the “Small Businessman” to receive a helping hand…Let him stay! What more can we say..? Can there be another way to persuade the “Powers” behind the system, to make them listen…if they would?
Just listen closely to the cries of everyone, surviving in the neighborhood."

See City Limits for the rest of this poem.

Ijaaza EL-Nuwaubun is a poet who lives in Gowanus.