Thursday, July 28, 2016

WPU/William Paterson University Summer STEAM Workshop 2016

I just presented a Adobe Spark Workshops for Paterson Public School Teachers Attending our WPU Summer STEAM Institute*.  This Institute was a great success and is featured in the NJ news as well as the WPU Education Department Facebook Page which features this Youtube.  In attendance were: public art and content area teachers from Paterson Public School District in Paterson, NJ;  William Paterson University art, science, and math "Professors in Residence" like myself;  the WPU Dodge STEAM Grant Manager, WPU Administrators, WPU Communications people, and the press.

Is Adobe Spark perfect?  Of course not, but it is FREE and it is very inspiring for classroom teachers with little or no art and graphic design background.  It enables both them and their students to tell compelling visual stories in multiple formats in minutes and to share them freely with a wide variety of social media platforms as well as download them to the desktop, and or get a URL for them to place elsewhere, e.g. Google Classroom, or a blog where all students can access them.

While technology ought NEVER replace hands-on art making activities (and plenty of these were also featured at the WPU STEAM Institute), technology does have a definite role to play in the future of art, and STEAM art education, both as a new medium, and as a new communication tool.  T.S.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark FREE iphone and iPad apps:
Adobe Post
Adobe Page
Adobe Video

General Info/Teacher Talking

Adobe Spark Video/Young Person Talking

Adobe Education Exchange

"Up and Running with Adobe Spark (Use Spark in Your Classroom)"

Adobe Spark Professional Development

Adobe Spark Step by Step (For Teachers to give to Students)

Adobe Spark Edu Guide PDF Link

*The WPU STEAM grant is funded by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.
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It is also part of the WPU PDS/Professional Development School School Network