Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Auto Portraits: Exploring Myself in the World

I have taken many photographs of myself in a variety of settings and am beginning to see the idea is holding me as a longer term, sustained project.

All the shots are spontaneous, natural shots.  I see nothing (or have just a general idea) in advance of the image until I actually catch the moment, and later see the "film."  Of course, there is no film, this is all digital. I like working this way very much as it allows me maximum flexibility.

 Here I am taking a NYC Subway Ride 2016

I am interested in becoming the setting of my photos, of being a subject who at once blends with her background.  Philosophically this has a meaning for me.  I spend much time and energy fighting, (always with others) as an artist activist, for the things I hold most dear, for example the comprehensive and speedy clean-up of the Gowanus Canal.

 Here I am taking at the Gowanus Canal 2016

But I also like to adopt an opposite posture for my art work, a non-aggressive blending in with things as opposed to fighting them.

 Here I am in Gowanus Brooklyn near a nice tree 2016

This flight as an artist gives me the energy I need to fight the next fight on the ground.  Does this make sense?  To 'take up weapons' such as the pen, the voice, on one hand for a specific reason and cause?  And then to surrender to the surroundings completely as an artist creating photographs?  This is me.  I like to engage with a variety of situations and identities. T.S.