Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Poem for the New Hampshire Primary

What is going on in New Hampshire and which politicians will walk away with the most  coveted delegates?  I am watching this process with forced detachment this year to keep my nerves from over-reacting too early in the race.  The issues of our nation and world are so dense, so immense, yet the usual lies dominate the conversations.  During yet another political debate last night, this one in New Hampshire, I watched as a few truths and a lot more lies dominated the stage.  In fact I decided to revisit this poem I wrote in another election cycle...

The Liars

What are the liars thinking
When they are moving their lips?
Do their words get jammed
Stuck on the frozen roofs
Of their blocked jaws
Or does it get easier
To lob them ever?
Naturally after a good match like
Mercury in a tennis ball or a lightning dash
For your messenger to leave its tongue
Your referee to signal
The moment of a cure time
A sigh maybe you just need
To take another good deep breath
A nap before your turn
To serve again.
Let it out
The lies and all the rest
Then try to teach your children
To distinguish
Between the white lines you made
Before the
And, and all the rest
You said
You never said.

c. Triada Samaras 2009/2016