Monday, January 25, 2016

Support artists impacted by homelessness!

Check this worthy project to support artists impacted by homelessness out! 
Rory White, Founding Artist of Art Contiuum with part of his painting, "Xochitl of God", razorwire in foreground.

IMMEDIATE FUNDS NEEDED  ... A Masters Program for Artists Impacted by

Homelessness. Serving formerly (and some currently) homeless, artists and other amazingly deserving human beings in the greater Los Angeles Area.
     ART CONTINUUM SERVES ARTISTS ON THE EDGE...The project for15 years has also modeled its dynamic through website and film, nationally. The members' work has earned Annenberg, Frederick Weisman, and Aileen Getty grants over the years.  The founding artist-in-residence, myself Rory White, was given the Eli Lilly Welcome Back Award's one time only "Person of the Decade Award" in 2008. All funds for this campaign will be managed by independent consultant Beth Quayle LMFT.
     Currently the project desperately needs funds for both continued storage of its equipment pending renting a new studio, other operating costs including oil paint, brushes, canvas, archival printing supplies, and funds to secure a new studio space. The project has had radical impact on the lives and artwork of the very worthy, but oft vulnerable, artist members served.  Your donations will help their lives immensely in the continuity of their artwork and resultant esteem and life and recovery strengthening dynamics stemming from this involvment, and the powers of human self actualization inherent to the creative arts.      "Your help at this time will be so immensely helpful to themselves, their hearts, their families, and my own heart and life and the continuity of my work." Rory White 

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