Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kweku McDonald writes about Triada Samaras' "Greece: Enoikiazetai/Poleitai - For Rent/For Sale" photographs

Triada Samaras and Kweku McDonald talk at 
The State of Greece:  Enoikiazetai/Poleitai - For Rent/For Sale Reception at Nancy Dryfoos Gallery

     Sometimes wonderful and unexpected things happen at one's opening reception. 
This is exactly what happened to me on Saturday March 7, 2015, when the very first guest arrived to my The State of Greece: Enoikazetai/Poleitai-For Rent For Sale opening reception at Nancy Dryfoos Gallery at Kean University.  In walked a complete stranger, one who spoke enthusiastically of his love for and interest in Greece including Greek current events, politics, economics, and naturally Greek music and culture.  Several emails, and music video/Youtube shares later, he sent me these words he wrote about my work. I do believe Kweku has captured my work perfectly with his words!  T.S.

     "I found this exhibition full of socio-dynamic fervor relating to the Greek economy. The photographic art is dominated by inherent and intricate messages of the pent up emotions of Greek current affairs, best characterized by the common thread of graffiti as an expression of contemporary feelings, and emotions of dissent and expressions of protest, in some. In keeping with the theme - " The State of Greece - For Rent For Sale," the closed for business visual expressions of other exhibits, relate the stagnation of the Greek economy, which has been the source of discontentment in recent decades."
Kweku McDonald