Monday, November 20, 2017

"Punk Rock and Politics!" coming soon! Dec 9, 2017

Hi there everyone,

I wanted to announce that a poster I made is being used as the event poster for a fundraiser for a progressive NJ politician called "Punk Rock and Politics!"
The event is curated by Christy O'Connor.
The event will take place on: Saturday Dec 9, 2017 at 8 PM at Paul's Tavern 1705 Main St. Lake Como, NJ 07719 (See poster below)

I am thrilled my poster has found a good use and I am grateful to Christy for including my work.  I learned this candidate, Jim Keady, went to the island of Lesbos where my Greek family is from and helped out the Syrian refugees there. He also fought Governor Christie over the blatant lack of Hurricane Relief for the NJ shore (and was publicly bullied by him).
I have a great deal to say about artists and activism as I have long been involved in both but now is not the time and place.  Suffice it to say that art activism is PART of my artwork but not ALL.  I have found moments where I have needed to reflect alone and in solitude in my studio to create art , and other moments (e.g. the last year) where I have found it utterly impossible to ignore the external world and all its powerful forces upon me. In those moments I create art for that world.  For example this  
Anyhow, I hope you will attend "Punk Rock and Politics"!
warmly, Triada Samaras